Celebrating the Foundation Fighting Blindness Laboratory

Celebrating the Foundation Fighting Blindness Laboratory

Learn about the newly-named Foundation Fighting Blindness Laboratory at the Toronto Western Hospital's Krembil Discovery Tower.

Hope & Healing: Molly Burkes inspiring journey

At age 4, Molly learned she had retinitis pigmentosa. Today, she's a motivational speaker who sheds light on what it means to live with blindness.

Breakthrough by researcher living with eye disease

Researcher, Ruanne Lai, makes an award-winning discovery about retinitis pigmentosa and the role of valproic acid. She, herself, lives with RP.

Vision Quest Hamilton - Audio Recordings

Understanding AMD

Last fall, we hosted an AMD-focused Vision Quest educational event in Hamilton, ON. Listen in on audio of the event's featured lectures.

Vision Quest audio recordings

Vision Quest 2014: Audio Recordings

Attendees learned about emerging treatments, revolutionary assistive technologies, nutrition and more! Listen to audio recordings from our workshops in Calgary, Hamilton and Toronto.


Thirteen-year-old Nikita Smith shares her experience living with vision loss, and urges her community to support the effort to cure blinding eye diseases.

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