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Over 1 million Canadians are living with blinding retinal eye diseases right now. Join us to restore hope and sight.


At age 4, Molly learned she had retinitis pigmentosa. Today, she's a motivational speaker who sheds light on what it means to live with blindness.


Thirteen-year-old Nikita Smith shares her experience living with vision loss, and urges her community to support the effort to cure blinding eye diseases.


With the help of a ground-breaking technology, Yvonne Felix sees her family for the first time.


Last year, Orly Shamir became the first person in Canada to undergo surgery to receive a bionic eye implant.


Dale Turner is the first Canadian to receive an experimental gene therapy treatment that restored some of his vision


When Patty Gill was first diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration there were no options. Over time, ongoing research has yielded new treatments that have allowed her to preserve some sight.

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